To Be There Or Not To Be There

Are you ready for Seattle?  Have you registered for the PASS Summit?  Hopefully with some good reasons you will be inspired to attend the summit this year.

Ten Reasons to Attend

There are, of course, countless reasons to attend the PASS Summit in November.  To hopefully inspire a few of you holdouts, I am count off my ten reasons to attend the PASS Summit:

  1. More than 160+ sessions by peers in the SQL Server community
  2. 1,000’s of peers to network with for three days
  3. Ask the Experts lounge to discuss your favorite SQL Server topics with MVPs
  4. CSS and SQLCAT First-Aid Clinic to investigate your SQL Server questions
  5. Opportunity to help make #sqlpass trend on twitter
  6. Birds of a Feather lunch with MVPs and SQL CAT members
  7. Good (and bad) karaoke at Bush Gardens
  8. Kilts!  Yeah, I said Kilts!
  9. Walks back to the hotels in a gushing rain storm in the bitter cold during the dead of the night.
  10. Flying fish at the Pike Place Market
  11. Walking past the Seattle Wall of Gum.
  12. Memories and friends to last a lifetime


These are a few of the reasons that I would suggest attending the PASS Summit this year.  Of course, maybe you need some more serious reasons for your boss.

Summer and Savings Ending

There is one more good reason to get signed up today.  If you sign up today you can save $400 off the regular registration price.  But this discount won’t last long – with summer ending the discount will as well.  So get registered by September 30 and you’ll be able to save.

Look Here’s the Banner

No post is complete without a pretty banner, fortunately I found one for the PASS Summit…

PASS Summit 2010 Banner

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