Fargo, Fargo and SQL Saturday

Stuff me in a wood chipper, I have an idea.  And this idea involves Fargo, Fargo, and SQL Saturday.

As many of you know, for the past two years, I’ve been one of the volunteers working with the Minnesota PASS chapter and working on their SQL Saturday events (58 & 99).  At the end of this year, I am retiring from their board in hopes of focusing more on being a Regional Mentor for the North Central region.  So enough about me… on to the idea.

Did you know that there isn’t a SQL Server user group in Fargo, ND?  Or at least there isn’t one associated with PASS.  I have a feeling, though, that there are SQL Server professionals in the area.  There happens to be a Microsoft office in the town, so its likely someone up there knows of or possibly uses SQL Server.

So far I’ve assisted with two SQL Saturdays and I’m gunning to plan a third.  It’s like a drug, keep coming back for more. This time I want to know if there is the desire from people in or around Fargo, ND to have a SQL Saturday in the area?  Today is the rallying cry – if you would want to attend a SQL Saturday in Fargo – comment below and share this with others that would be interested.

But how do we plan a SQL Saturday in a city and state where there isn’t a user group to help pull it together and be the organizational body?  Can we get speakers to come up and present in a place where they aren’t sure on the turnout?

For the first part, I’m looking for a volunteer or two that can help locally with finding resources, such as a venue or at least letting me know if certain venues are dumps.  Not looking to dump the event on someone, just a person or two that can do a few tasks to put this together.

Next we have the speakers, and I bet we can get what we need, but we may need a hook.  So here it goes… To attract speakers to a SQL Saturday in Fargo, let’s end the event with a Fargo viewing party.  Cheesy?  Of course, but it is the newest film in the National Film Registry – it is “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

There’s the idea… what do you think?  Do you want to go to a SQL Saturday in Fargo?  Let me know – the more interest I get the faster I’ll work to put this together.

7 thoughts on “Fargo, Fargo and SQL Saturday

    1. I'm hoping this will help pull some of those together in Fargo that work on SQL Server together – and hopefully they'll end up with a user group as well.


  1. I live in Fargo and am also interested in attending. I've never been to a SQL Saturday event but a coworker of mine has and he has said great things about them.


  2. I live in ND and I am interested in attending. We often travel to the Twin Cities for SQL training events. It would be great to have this in Fargo, and have some of the MN SQL users travel to ND.


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