December #MemeMonday

DecemberThis month for #MemeMonday, Thomas LaRock (Blog | @SQLRockstar) has assigned a topic with a holiday bend to it.  The question for today is “What gift we want from Microsoft to be left under the tree?”

Some Ideas

That’s a bit of a hard one.  For starters, I could ask for one of those delayed Star Wars XBox 360 bundles.  It should have been here for Thanksgiving, but now it won’t be here until New Years.  So that won’t be able to hit the tree.

Better yet, maybe something that would make the boys a bit happier.  A Windows 7 XBox Live service.  This way, those of us with multiple XBox’s in the same household can synch the games and profiles on the machines to all machines in the house.  Oh the fights and arguments that would be saved with that little invention.

The Real Thing

But what do I really want Microsoft to leave under the tree this year?

I want a backwards compatible feature pack that can be applied to SQL Server 2005 and forward that allows the use of SQL Server 2012 extended events.  I want the sessions, the details, and everything all rolled up and deployable down through the stack.  Is that a nerdy request?  As Rob Farley (Blog | @Rob_Farley) would say, “Damn, Strate!”

I’ve been to user groups, SQL Saturdays, the PASS Summit, and any where else that will take me talking about Extended Events.  Extended Events is where the magic happens.  And the reality is that it would take a Christmas Miracle for Extended Events as backwards compatible feature pack..

But if the stars align and the magic happens… I’ll be able to jump on the some new servers come Christmas morning and play with the live viewer.  Dig deep into the internals.  Diagnose some wait stats.  And have a wonder nerdy time.

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  1. I am pretty sure the Xbox live update rolling out tomorrow does include a cloud synch feature for your saved games/profiles for the reasons you have state (multiple xboxes in the same house).


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