Last Weeks Top 20 “Reading” Links #20

2012-01-013Every day, I link out a few blogs posts and articles that I’ve read or used from across the internet.  Here are the top twenty of the items that I linked out last week.  Usually, I do a top 10, but there were just too many good links that I wanted to re-share more this week.  The links are often from things that I’ve read in the evenings, and then share throughout the afternoon with the “Reading” title.  Let me know if you find these useful or interesting.

Last week’s top 20 “Reading” Links

  1. Top Paying Certifications: Microsoft Takes 6 of the Top 15! [42 clicks]
  2. NOLOCK is not a turbo button [37 clicks]
  3. We Loaded 1TB in 30 Minutes with SSIS, and So Can You [36 clicks]
  4. Do Less: A Short Guide [35 clicks]
  5. 22 Stairways That Lead Nowhere [26 clicks]
  6. Federal Department Bans Use of Portable Devices (YAFF) [25 clicks]
  7. How to Answer the Top 10 Interview Questions [23 clicks]
  8. Disk and File Layout for SQL Server [22 clicks]
  9. Designing a Database: 7 Things You Don’t Want To Do [21 clicks]
  10. SQL Server Index Design Guide [19 clicks]
  11. You Can Say “No” [19 clicks]
  12. Book Review: Pro SQL Server 2012 Practices – Indexing Outside the Bubble [19 clicks]
  13. VMware HA is Not Database Server High Availability [19 clicks]
  14. Pro SQL Server 2012 Practices [19 clicks]
  15. How It Works: SQL Server (NUMA Local, Foreign and Away Memory Blocks) – CSS SQL Server Engineers [17 clicks]
  16. The Benefits of Indexing Foreign Keys [15 clicks]
  17. Documentation: It Doesn’t Suck! [15 clicks]
  18. Implementing Snapshot or Read Committed Snapshot Isolation in SQL Server: A Guide [14 clicks]
  19. Uneven query executions with parallelism [14 clicks]
  20. The Draining Worry Habit and How to Overcome It [14 clicks]

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