Madison SQL Saturday (#SQLSat206) Is This Weekend

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Crack a beer and melt the cheese, the Madison SQL Saturday is this weekend.  Don’t wait any longer because you don’t want to end up on the waiting list.  Getting off the waiting list can be tough – and involves a light saber duel with Jes Borland (Blog | @grrl_geek) – and YES, she has a light saber.  And NO, she doesn’t look like Yoda.  SQL Saturday is that special time of the weekend to learn about SQL Server and network, and unlike user group meetings, it only comes once a year.  I’ll be there with my mini-me’s… will you?

For those attending, if you have the interest, I’ll be presenting my session from last year’s PASS Summit:

Discovering the Plan Cache

Execution plans are stored after execution in the plan cache. This metadata about how queries are executed can provide insight into how your SQL Server environment is functioning. By using XQuery to browse and search the plan cache you can find potential performance issues and opportunities to tune your queries. This information can be used to help reduce issues related to parallelism, shift queries from using scans to using seek operations, or discover exactly which queries are using what indexes. All of this and more is readily available through the plan cache. In this session we will explore the plan cache and start you on the road to discovery.

If you are in the area and looking to enhance your career and expand your knowledge on SQL Server, you should take the day and join us to learn about SQL Server.  The event is free and you can get registered here.

4 thoughts on “Madison SQL Saturday (#SQLSat206) Is This Weekend

  1. Your talk was the pick of the day for me(Along with Bob Pusateri’s). I was actually doing something similar with plan cache. One of the problems with indexes is that you can’t create index each time a query is slow without affecting other queries/plans. So i wrote a script to find all keylookups and the corresponding non-clustered index, outputlist, seek predicates and cost to design best possible index. I wish we had more time for your keylookup demo


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