2016 Polar Plunge


In just a few weeks… on January 30th, I’m going to be jumping into White Bear Lake in Minnesota. Now it’s cold in Minnesota. The average temperture range for this time of year is 8 F to 27 F, though a couple years ago January 30th was part of a 6-week cold snap where the temperature was never above 0 F. In fact, in order to make this jump, they’re going to have cut a hole in the ice.

Why are me and some of my family and friends doing this? Well, because we need something to keep us awake during the cold, dark Minnesota winter. Or just maybe, we’re doing it to help raise money for the Special Olympics. The Special Olympics, if you aren’t aware, is a sports organization for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. The organization serves communities all over the world and has more than 50,000 events each year.

The reason I’m sharing this on my blog is that I need your help to raise money for the Special Olympics and my Polar Plunge. Will you help some kids out with a little sports activity?

So, if you have $5 dollars to spare, you can PLEDGE HERE!