Monday Morning SQL Break – February 1, 2016

unicorn pirateIt’s Monday and time fora round-up of last week’s blog and twitter activity – and even an on-time post for all of this. If you haven’t already, follow me on twitter (@StrateSQL). This is a good chance to catch up on data platform technology and career related information I’ve shared in the last week and activity on this blog.

Most Popular Article Shared

Last weeks most popular link is an article by Aaron Bertrand (@AaronBertrand) on Something wonky happened to the link since I wrote my original tweet, so if you are looking for the article, there’s a new link – SQL Server 2016 : In-Memory OLTP Enhancements.  If you are looking at SQL Server 2016, you should also check out this post.

Last Week’s Popular Posts

The most popular posts on this blog in the week are:

  1. 31 Days of SSIS – The Introduction (687)
  2. Get Just The Tools: SSMS Download (394)
  3. 31 Days of SSIS – Raw Files Are Awesome (1/31) (334)
  4. 31 Days of SSIS as a Book (287)
  5. Looking to SQL Server 2014 High Availability In Standard Edition (173)
  6. Security Questions: Difference Between db_datawriter and db_ddladmin? (147)
  7. Security Questions: Removing Logins From Databases (142)
  8. 31 Days of SSIS – Generating Row Numbers (23/31) (132)
  9. XQuery for the Non-Expert – Value (129)
  10. The Side Effect of NOLOCK (96)

Last Week’s Top 20 “Reading” Links

Along with the most popular link, here are the top twenty items relating to SQL Server, technology and careers that were shared last week. If you missed them throughout the week, here’s the opportunity to get caught up on some items that other’s read after I linked them out.

  1. SQL Server 2016 : In-Memory OLTP Enhancements [34 clicks]
  2. An Unexpected Side-Effect of Adding a Filtered Index [24 clicks]
  3. Monitoring Read/Write Latency [23 clicks]
  4. 8 Small Things You Do That People Use to Judge Your Personality [20 clicks]
  5. SQL and R [17 clicks]
  6. Pagination with OFFSET / FETCH : A better way [16 clicks]
  7. Using the Key Vault for SQL Server Encryption [16 clicks]
  8. Query Compile Big Gateway Policy changes in SQL Server [16 clicks]
  9. 7 Time Management Mistakes That Are a Complete Waste of Time [14 clicks]
  10. Key to Job Search Success: Building Relationships with Recruiters [13 clicks]
  11. SQL Server Identity Values Check [13 clicks]
  12. Why MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, DynamoDB, and Riak will only let you perform transactions on a single data item [11 clicks]
  13. Keeping Track of your SQL Servers with a DBA Configuration Repository [11 clicks]
  14. Leadership Has To Be Earned [9 clicks]
  15. Using the SSIS WMI Task to Gather System Information [9 clicks]
  16. Azure Key Vault – Step by Step [7 clicks]
  17. Using In-Memory OLTP in a VM Environment [7 clicks]
  18. Azure Backup update – New features in IaaS VM backup support [6 clicks]
  19. Machine Learning [6 clicks]
  20. How to retrieve R data visualization from Azure Machine Learning [6 clicks]

Last Week’s Posts From Previous Years

Sometimes the most useful content on a blog wasn’t written in the past week, it’s often other articles shared in the past that resonate with readers. Check out the following links that I published in past years over the past week:

  1. 31 Days of SSIS – One Package, Unlimited Tables (25/31) (2011-01-25)
  2. Search Cache For Execution Plans (2009-01-26)
  3. 31 Days of SSIS – Small Package, Big Win (26/31) (2011-01-26)
  4. 31 Days of SSIS – Adding Some Delta Force (27/31) (2011-01-27)
  5. 31 Days of SSIS – Jim Croce and the Foreach (File) Loop Container (28/31) (2011-01-28)
  6. Determining Filegroup for a Table (2013-01-29)
  7. 31 Days of SSIS – Exporting Execution Plans (29/31) (2011-01-30)
  8. 31 Days of SSIS – Importing Execution Plans (30/31) (2011-01-30)
  9. 31 Days of SSIS – SSIS Naming Conventions (31/31) (2011-01-31)
  10. Ask the Unicorn: Why is it Important to Know Tables in Filegroups? (2013-02-01)

Got something you think I should read and share, leave a comment below. Also, if you want to see all of the links that were tweeted out last week?