MCM Reading List – A New Years Resolution

I’ve blogged about certifications a number of times in the past.  One of the certifications that I really want to obtain in the future is the Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) for SQL Server 2008.  This is a great certification that really dives in deep and requires classroom training and labs as part of the certification … Continue reading MCM Reading List – A New Years Resolution

SQL Server Certification Discounts

I like discounts.  Paying full price when I don’t have to sucks.  It’s a waste of resources, and as a person who’s had to tune databases in the past I’ve grown quite fond of resource management.  And the best resource ever to manage is dollars.  Because you can buy stuff. What About 2nd Chance? I … Continue reading SQL Server Certification Discounts

Moving to the Head of the Line

Jobs aren’t a dime a  dozen like they used to be during the dot-com bubble.  These days the unemployment rate is heading to territory that hasn’t been seen in decades.  With some states seeming unemployment rates as high as 15%.  It becomes more important with every interview to differentiate yourself from the pack. Differentiate Yourself … Continue reading Moving to the Head of the Line