The #Meme15 Round-Up

The first round of #meme15 has finished.  In total, there were eighteen people that participated.  If there were more, I missed them, just leave a comment here and I’ll update this post.  We even managed to nab a couple non-SQL people in the first go round.  Maybe next time we’ll see even more non-SQL folk. … Continue reading The #Meme15 Round-Up

Why Do I Blog? #meme15

As I mentioned in a post last week, a new meme has been born.  This one is dedicated to discussing and sharing tip and tricks for blogging and using social media.  This can be from a personal or professional standpoint.  The intent is that through these posts by myself and, hopefully, others will provide some … Continue reading Why Do I Blog? #meme15

T-SQL Tuesday 14: Resolutions #TSQL2sDay

Time for the first T-SQL Tuesday of 2011.  This month Jen McCown (Blog | @midnightdba) is hosting the event.  The topic she chose for this month is Resolutions. She wants to know, “what techie resolutions have you been pondering, and why?  Are you heading for a certification? An award? Are you looking to pick up … Continue reading T-SQL Tuesday 14: Resolutions #TSQL2sDay

Un-SQL Friday 001: Branding

Since it's Sunday (almost Monday), I thought I would chip into Un-SQL Friday.  Before I get down to brass tacks, an explanation is probably in order.  Last week, Jen McCown (Blog | @midnightdba) suggested a new blog round table that has nothing to do with SQL Server but is adjacent to SQL Server.  This month’s … Continue reading Un-SQL Friday 001: Branding