Viewing RING_BUFFER_OOM Errors

A client asked a co-worker to take a look at a query for reviewing  RING_BUFFER_OOM messages in sys.dm_os_ring_buffers.  He remembered that I’ve recently had a thing for XQuery and asked me to take a look at it. To play around with the output of this query, generate some RING_BUFFER_OOM messages in the sys.dm_os_ring_buffer.  This can … Continue reading Viewing RING_BUFFER_OOM Errors

Generating RING_BUFFER_OOM Errors

Ever think to yourself, “hmm, I wish I could generate me some RING BUFFER_OOM errors”?  This request happened to come up tonight. Of course, the person asking for this was myself, but an answer was found nonetheless.  Below are a couple scripts that can be used to generate RING_BUFFER_OOM errors in sys.dm_os_ring_buffers. Setup For RING_BUFFER_OOM … Continue reading Generating RING_BUFFER_OOM Errors

Displaying Microsoft Project Task’s Notes in SSRS 2008

I was asked to take a look at an issue the other day regarding displaying Microsoft Project Task’s Notes in SSRS 2008.  If you’ve worked with building reports for Microsoft Project Server, you have no doubt dealt with the RTF data that is stored in the Task’s Notes fields. With SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services … Continue reading Displaying Microsoft Project Task’s Notes in SSRS 2008

Semaphore Timeout Did What?

Last week I had a blog about getting better error messages out of SQL Agent Jobs.  In that blog I had encountered the following error message: Error: 2010-06-23 19:00:30.68 Code: 0×00000000 Source: Execute SQL Task Description: TCP Provider: The semaphore timeout period has expired. End Error The downside is that I don’t have a good … Continue reading Semaphore Timeout Did What?