Presentation Materials “What Are You Waiting For?”

Here are the presentation materials for today's Pragmatic Works Training on the T's session What Are You Waiting For – Explanation of the Value of Performing Wait Analysis.  The other session that I mention during the presentation is Extended Events: Work Smarter, Not Harder. Materials: [download id="67"] If you have any questions from the session, please … Continue reading Presentation Materials “What Are You Waiting For?”

TSQL Tuesday #005 – Wait Stat Report – #TSQL2sDay

I’ve been meaning to join in on the T-SQL Tuesday event for the last couple months and let the time opportunity slip by.  This month’s topic is reporting and its seems like a good time to get in on the event. The great thing about reporting is that for the past few months I’ve been … Continue reading TSQL Tuesday #005 – Wait Stat Report – #TSQL2sDay

Wait Stat Categories

A few weeks ago I posted a job that I use to track wait stats in the DBA database that I bring to a number of clients.  I had promised to follow-up with a couple or three reports that could be used to monitor the values that were being aggregated in those tables. Before getting … Continue reading Wait Stat Categories

If You Don’t Know Where You’ve Been

If you don’t know where you've been, how can you expect to know where you are going.  Seems like such a simple little line and I’m sure many of us can look at history, politicians, and maybe that restaurant review that you didn't heed when it comes to this line.  But this also applies to DBAs and more specifically … Continue reading If You Don’t Know Where You’ve Been

Find Query Plans That May Utilize Parallelism

When ever I go to a new client to assist with performance issues, I inevitably download the Troubleshooting Performance Problems in SQL Server 2005 white paper.  In my opinion and many others, it is one of those documents that should be at the click of a button to open and I keep it handy on … Continue reading Find Query Plans That May Utilize Parallelism


I've was reviewing wait stats the other day and kept finding this wait stat peaking out the other wait stats by a few hundred milliseconds.  Oh my!  Should I care or not... well long story short is that if all of the CLR assemblies are created in safe mode there is no problem. Or at … Continue reading CLR_AUTO_EVENT Wait Stat