Index Analysis May Update

Seems I managed to make it through all of April without an update to the index analysis stored procedure.  It wasn't for lack of using it with clients, but a lack of time to get the changes out the door. A few months back, I added the option to look at just duplicate index or … Continue reading Index Analysis May Update

A Replacement for DBCC IND in SQL Server 2012

Each release of SQL Server is chalk full of new features and an assorted amount of bells and whistles.  Some of these, like Availability Groups and ColumnStore, are great additions and their introduction includes much fanfare.  Among all of those new features, is the occasional little bell which offers us a chance to change how we investigate SQL … Continue reading A Replacement for DBCC IND in SQL Server 2012

A Second March ‘Index Analysis’ Update

After this month's Index Analysis update, I was contacted by a reader about the index analysis script.  Reader Dick Baker let me know that he found and had a fix for an issue with the missing_index_impact column.  Thanks to Dick for this fix. If you find issues or have suggestions for changes to the script, please … Continue reading A Second March ‘Index Analysis’ Update

Index Analysis March Update

In yesterdays duplicate index blog post, I mentioned that there would be an update to the index analysis stored procedure today.  Without further ado, you can jump to the bottom and download it.  There are a few things I've fixed from comments from people using the script and then major change is the addition of … Continue reading Index Analysis March Update

STATS_DATE() Doesn’t Indicate The Validity of Statistics

From time to time, you might have caught yourself in a conversation similar to the following: Fred: Hey folks, we have a query that isn’t working right anymore? Wilma: I wonder if there’s a problem with the statistics.  Maybe they are out of date. Barney: I checked the statistics with STATS_DATE() and they are really … Continue reading STATS_DATE() Doesn’t Indicate The Validity of Statistics

Index Analysis Update – January 2012

In the past couple weeks, I've gotten a couple reports of issues with sp_indexanalysis.  The update today fixes those issues.  It's fun to finally be playing with these scripts again.  I'm hoping to start writing blog posts showing the scripts in action in the next couple weeks. INDEX ANALYSIS UPDATES The main updates to the … Continue reading Index Analysis Update – January 2012

SQL Server Special Ops

SQL Server 2012 is coming to 12 cities next year.  Is your city on the list?  It can be – or could be – take a few minutes to complete the survey at and you will help determine where the tour will be heading.  Personally, I hope everyone puts in Minneapolis, MN – but … Continue reading SQL Server Special Ops