Staggering SQLIO Sessions Across Multiple Volumes

In a previous post, I discussed running SQLIO against multiple files.  The purpose in using multiple files is being able to test not just a single volume's capability to deliver data from storage, but to test the storage as a whole.  Doing so is important since, what ever application, in my case SQL Server, is running … Continue reading Staggering SQLIO Sessions Across Multiple Volumes

Calculate Bitmasks In PowerShell

Have you ever had to calculate bitmasks on the fly?  I have and still do.  In this post, I'm going to show a simple PowerShell script that can be used to generate bitmask values.  But first, let's look at a reason that you may have to use bitmasks. Many of today's servers have a fair number of … Continue reading Calculate Bitmasks In PowerShell

Running SQLIO with Multiple Files

Not exactly groundbreaking information, but were you aware that you can run SQLIO with multiple files?  Until a couple months ago, I hadn't really paid attention to that little fact.  And maybe I'm the only person that didn't know, but figured I would share it anyways. How Multiple Files? Using SQLIO with multiple files is … Continue reading Running SQLIO with Multiple Files