A Second March ‘Index Analysis’ Update

After this month's Index Analysis update, I was contacted by a reader about the index analysis script.  Reader Dick Baker let me know that he found and had a fix for an issue with the missing_index_impact column.  Thanks to Dick for this fix. If you find issues or have suggestions for changes to the script, please … Continue reading A Second March ‘Index Analysis’ Update

Index Analysis March Update

In yesterdays duplicate index blog post, I mentioned that there would be an update to the index analysis stored procedure today.  Without further ado, you can jump to the bottom and download it.  There are a few things I've fixed from comments from people using the script and then major change is the addition of … Continue reading Index Analysis March Update

Give Your Valentine Some Discounted Indexing

Looking for that special gift for Valentine's day and wanting to really change things up?  How about getting your loved one an e-book copy of Expert Performance Indexing for SQL Server 2012? This week you can get an e-book copy for 40% off if you use the VDAY13 code at checkout, when buying it from Apress. … Continue reading Give Your Valentine Some Discounted Indexing

Minnesota SQL Server Study Group (August)

Last month, I started using Meetup to schedule SQL Server Study Group events.  The idea is to meet twice a month with people that want to just talk about SQL Server and help fill in the holes in their knowledge.  Unfortunately, due to a recent move and a personal development retreat coming up, I will … Continue reading Minnesota SQL Server Study Group (August)

Minnesota SQL Server Study Group (July)

For the past few months, I’ve been openly working towards the SQL Server MCM.  I failed a couple times (written exam and lab) and passed one time (written exam).  As part of working towards the MCM, I’ve been getting together to study with some friends and members of the local SQL Server community. To make … Continue reading Minnesota SQL Server Study Group (July)

Minnesota SQL Server Study Group

A few weeks back, I sent a message on the PASSMN LinkedIn group page about expanding the MCM study group to anyone going after SQL Server certifications.  After some back and forth, it turned out there were a number of people interested.  For ease of scheduling, I kept the old MCM study group time and … Continue reading Minnesota SQL Server Study Group

SQLRally–Don’t Forget Your Business Cards?

SQLRally is a week away.  Are you ready?  It’s going to be a good time to learn and freshen up your SQL Server skills.  You’ve probably looked at the schedule and picked out a few sessions that are a must see. Networking But are you prepared to take advantage of the opportunity to network with … Continue reading SQLRally–Don’t Forget Your Business Cards?