I Got Registered!

SQLRally Winner[11]I’m going to SQL Rally!  Are you going to SQL Rally?  Have you heard of SQL Rally?

What’s SQL Rally?

I’m glad you asked.  SQL Rally is a new two day PASS conference.  It’s a great cross between the PASS Summit and a SQL Saturday.  For a couple days, you can come together with a few hundred (instead of a few thousand) SQL Server professionals.

There are 48 sessions over two days.  A bit different from other conferences – all of the sessions were voted on by the SQL Server community.  This is a chance for

What’s the cost?

This is the important thing – SQL Rally is affordable.  For starters… if you register by April 12 the cost is $299.  That’s a pretty decent value considering the people that will be presenting.

But what about the other costs?  Hotel?  Flight?

Let’s start with hotel… what is the purpose of the hotel?  It’s a place to stay when you aren’t at SQL Rally.  Amenities?  Do you need a gym?  Pool?  Or great buffet?  Nope, none of that.  You need a bed.  And preferably a shower.  A little bit of searching and you might find a Red Roof Inn or Hojo within a couple miles for $about $33 a night.  You also need to know how many nights?  Two days of sessions and the day before and after leaves you with three nights.  That brings the hotel cost to about $100.

Next you need to cover transportation… flight?  Really think about this for a moment.  SQL Rally is a great event for regional attendees.  If you live within 4 or so hours from Orlando then really consider just driving in.  If you do this, you are probably looking at about $100 in fuel fees.

Add this all up and you can be hanging out in Orlando for the SQL Rally for just around $500.

But flight?

You may be like me and have to fly down to Orlando.  Act now and you might be able to find a flight down for around $250.  That’s what I’ve found… which brings my event total to around $750 to hang out with some great friends.

So – are you going?