Minnesota SQL Server Study Group

Study Time!

A few weeks back, I sent a message on the PASSMN LinkedIn group page about expanding the MCM study group to anyone going after SQL Server certifications.  After some back and forth, it turned out there were a number of people interested.  For ease of scheduling, I kept the old MCM study group time and place; which is Sundays 7-9 PM at the Roseville Barnes & Noble.

There were five of us that met tonight; including Eric Strom (@CoveringData) and Nick Weber (@Toshana).  We started by talking about the certifications that we are pursing.  After that, we went walked about SANs, storage performance, wait stats, and virtualization.  Overall, I would call this a good time with some great information shared.

If you are interested in joining us next time, let me know.  Or just show up, we’ll be back there again in two weeks.

2 thoughts on “Minnesota SQL Server Study Group

    1. Right now, we’re on hiatus for the study group in MN. I do have a yammer group that is working towards the SQL Server MCM, if you are interested.


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