Minnesota SQL Server Study Group (August)

Study GroupLast month, I started using Meetup to schedule SQL Server Study Group events.  The idea is to meet twice a month with people that want to just talk about SQL Server and help fill in the holes in their knowledge.  Unfortunately, due to a recent move and a personal development retreat coming up, I will only be hosting one study group this month.  If anyone wants to host another one or more of them, please feel free to put it together.

For August, I’ll be hosting the following study group:

If you are interested in joining us, we meet on an open format to talk about anything SQL Server related.  The premise is that our questions will be more interesting than having specific topics each time.

If you aren’t local and want to get together with people, find a place and a time and schedule your own SQL Server Study Group Meetup.  Advertise it with your own user group community and get learning.  And, of course, if you are local and want to have a focused group, another date or time, or different location, please feel free to throw your own up as well.

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