IIF(IsEasier(Many-to-Many Dimensional Modeling) = TRUE, JOYFUL, CRY)

In a former life on a SQL Server 2000 project with I had the immense joy of building a few cubes in Analysis Services that took advantage of many-to-many relationships.  At the start I was thrilled to be trying something new and by the end I was cross-eyed trying to keep all of the calculations in the cube straight.  I had heard that in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services all of this would be a lot easier.

To make things even easier, the guys over at SQLBI.eu put together a many-to-may relationship paper with associated projects to help people implement this in SSAS.  It’s an easy read and well thought out and I’ve grabbed on to quite a bit so far in reading it.

PS… am I the only one that says "SQLBI.eu" as {see qual blue} in my head when I read it?