A New Year

I’ve been really quiet on here as of late.  So busy trying to relax that I’ve blown blown off posting and reading most blogs.  It’s been hard work but I think I have wasted enough time on my X-Box that it’s time to get back to brass tacks.
It’s a new year and I’ve got a few goals in mind for the upcoming year-

  • Presentations: I want to present more and come across as well as I know the material I present.  I ended the year with a half dozen presentations built that I can draw upon and would like to increase that list by at least double.  I am also hoping to video cast some of the presentations that I have from this blog site.
  • Read: The ratio of SQL books that I own versus SQL books I’ve read needs to be a lot closer to 1:1.  It is quite a bit off from where it should be.
  • Blog: More blogging for the upcoming year.  I said this last year and broke that one pretty quickly.  I do have a number of blogging topics that I haven’t gotten around to writing.  I will make the time this year and I plan to post 2-3 a week.  Of course, blogs that are just cool links won’t count to my blogging goal.
  • User group: I managed to get the Program Director role in the Minnesota SQL Server User Group and am hoping to provide good content for the group in the upcoming year.

Hopefully I can stick to this a bit better than last year.