My First Computer and Favorite Old Games (OT)

Continuing this thread, I was tagged by Rob Boek to post about my first computer and and favorite games.
The first computer that I had access to was a Commodore 64 that my dad purchased when I was probably about 10 years old.  That thing was awesome!  We had it all — the monitor, keyboard, floppy drive, tape drive, and a modem.
I remember playing with it quite a bit.  I’d make artwork, small little programs, and, of course, play games on it.

The only games I can really remember playing on it was Jumpman and Jumpman Jr.  But I would play that game for hours and hours.  And, of course, somehow through the modem I did manage to track down some cheats on it as well.
Knowing that there is a Jumpman port available is a little tempting to download, but I’m afraid that it would only server to crush my fond childhood memories.

The second computer that my family owned was an IBM PS/2.  And, ooh, at the time it was state of the art.  I didn’t play very many graphical games on it.  I tried to get a copy of Leisure Suit Larry, but kept running into problems getting it.  As an alternative I play a lot of Zork and similar games.  There was one that required solving a murder mystery that I never quite finished.

The first computer I owned was a Gateway.  I can’t remember all of the specs for it but I did get to play Civilization on it.  I used to spend countless hours playing this game and almost always managed to dominate the game into submission.

The last game I will mention is Everquest.  I’m not sure it is technically old enough to fit into this category, but I don’t play it any longer and it’s been a long time since I have.  While this games had a few predecessors, this was my first foray into MMORPG and I was hooked.  I can still fondly recall the first time I left the confines of the city with my dwarf character and the sheer terror I went through in fear that I might get lost and never be able to return.

These days the I still play games when I can find brief amount of free time.  A lot of it is going to Fallout 3 now – but there is still a lot of game to go.  I play on the X-Box and the gamertag is Daladmera.

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