Return of Index Analysis

Now that I’ve finished going through some of the details for sys.dm_db_index_operational_stats, it’s time to take that information and incorporate it into a query that I wrote about a while back.

This query is an index analysis query that I often use when I go out to clients.  The query provides a information about the indexes in the database and some relevant statistics on them.

For some background on the previous state of the query you can look at the original posts:

  1. Analyze Your Indexes Part 1
  2. Analyze Your Indexes Part 2
  3. Analyze Your Indexes Part 3
  4. Analyze Your Indexes Part 4
  5. Analyze Your Indexes Part 5
  6. Analyze Your Indexes Part 6
  7. Analyzing Your Indexes with a Custom Report


The last and current version of the query are fairly different now since it has been some time since I’ve blogged about it.  Instead of just providing the current version of the query that I use, I want to spend a few posts adding information into it.

This will provide some documentation on what is in the query.  Also, it’s an opportunity for readers to comment and discuss the choices and decisions I’ve made on adding the information.  Please feel free to comment and make suggestions on this query.

Over the next week, the following additional posts will be published:

  1. Return of Index Analysis Part 1 – sys.dm_db_index_operational_stats
  2. Return of Index Analysis Part 2 – Pro / Con Column
  3. Return of Index Analysis Part 3 – Scripting Column
  4. Return of Index Analysis Part 4 – Index Action
  5. Return of Index Analysis Part 5 – Stored procedure wrapper
  6. Return of the Index Analysis Report


The links are being included in this post, but they won’t all be live until the end of the week.

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