Project Phoenix

Project Phoenix

Sometime people need a hand up – an opportunity to rise from the ashes.  Over the last couple of years the economy and unemployment has taken its toll on many of those in the community.  Along with that the charities that have often risen to help those in need have themselves suffered with the loss of some of their donations.

In an attempt to help remedy some of this and prepare someone for a new career, Arnie Rowland (blog | twitter) started Project Phoenix earlier this year. 

This project is intended to help unemployed or underemployed developers give back to the community.  These developers will propose a software project to help a non-profit agency, school, or a church.  By helping the non-profit the developer will receive in return the tools necessary to complete the project. 

Some of these tools include are:

This is a great opportunity to give back to the community while building your resume and skills. If you are interested, please f this link for additional details and the criteria for submissions.

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