SQLServerPedia Awards Winner

badge-winner-seThanks to all those that voted for my Index Black Ops blog series for the SQLServerPedia blog awards.  I am pretty pumped that my series won.

When I originally envisioned the posts, I was just hoping to put together some sample code that I could use to understand how sys.dm_db_index_operational_stats functioned.  And, obviously, others were interested in how this worked as well.

A few times over the past week at the PASS Summit, I talked about this post and others.  The general message I tried to communicate to others is that we have a vibrant SQL Server community.  At any time, something as common as a DMV is interesting enough to share because there are many others out there interested in this information and interested in it from my perspective.

This isn’t about me but about the information that I and many others can share.  Feel empowered and do some of your own sharing, who knows you may just win this award next year.

Thank you again.

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