What Am I Thankful For


Earlier this week, I suggested that we share a message of thanks on our blogs.  Since I suggested we put these posts together, I should throw my post in the ring.  Especially since today is Thanksgiving and my food coma is starting to dissipate.  It only took the second leftover plate to reach the current state of bliss.

What am I thankful for…

My career in the SQL Server community.  The past year has been amazing.  From the SQL Saturday events that I’ve attended to the opportunities to present to the SQL Server community.  It’s been a good time and I’ve made some new friends and strengthened existing friends ships.  I appreciate the support and compliments I receive from

My job at Digineer.  I’ve been fortunate over the past year to be at a company where I’ve been a great fit.  It’s provided me the opportunity to build and hone my skills.  While also providing job security when the economy has been a little less than awesome.

My friends.  I’m not the greatest friend with keeping in touch with all of them.  But they’ve stuck around and are there to hang out and spend time without faulting me for not being the best at keeping in touch.  Best of all, when we get together they usually provide me with a chance to come in 2nd place with whatever game we are playing.

My children.  They are great kids that I love dearly.  All three of them bring great joy to my life and provide a different window of myself for me to see reflected back at me.  The boys enjoy their time over on the weekends and are always eager to spend more time with me.  The only unfortunate thing is that there isn’t enough time in the week to spend with them.

My beautiful new fiancé Sarah (blog | @dancem0m).  I met her 15 years ago and we lost touch for quite a while.  After reconnecting through facebook and some dating with an interesting start, we’ve had a great past year.  We’ve traveled back and forth from MN to WI to see each other when we were able to make the time.  We’ve traveled also around the country to a number of SQL Saturday events.  And this past Tuesday she agreed to become my wife next year.

This has been a good year and I am looking forward to what will happen over the next year.  If all else fails though, I bet I’ll have a great time with the Kinect I am buying this weekend.

8 thoughts on “What Am I Thankful For

  1. Great reading Jason and Sarah; looking forward to the screen play and the casting ;-).

    I too have three childern, I'm most thankful for them and that they are healthy on all levels. They are all so amazing and each in their own ways. I can't imagine life without them.



    1. I'm thankful for Microsoft, for making it possible for us to do the stuff we do, and have fun doing it. 😛


    2. I know the feeling. It's cool with my boys to see each one growing into a person and each one starting with some aspect of myself. Unfortunately, none of them like karaoke yet…


  2. I am thankful for you too! I'm also thankful that you asked me to marry you… and, I guess, maybe we should both be thankful for facebook, since that was the vehicle we reconnected through.

    Great video, BTW! 😉


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