Blog Under Some Repairs

Cracked Up

If you’ve been trying to come to the blog lately, you may have noticed a few errors connecting.  Resources not available issues or content just not showing up.

It appears that running a WordPress blog on a GoDaddy Windows server has some issues.  It works for a while and then it just doesn’t.  And the whole doesn’t part is extremely frustrating.

There are two solutions that I could have gone with.  First, go to a dedicated virtual server.  And second was to switch to a Linux operating system.  I went with the later and things looked great.

Well, great until I realized all of the links in all of my posts were now trashed.  I think I’ve got them all fixed here and will be working on getting the updated at SQLServerCentral as soon as possible.

Sorry, if this has caused any issues to anything bookmarked.  If it makes you sad enough, make me buy you a jager or something the next time I bump into you at a SQL Saturday or the PASS Summit.

PS – if you see anything broken on the site, please let me know.  I am sure I will miss some stuff.

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