Last Call SQLRally Call for Presenters


It’s the last day and the last chance (last dance?) to submit a session for the upcoming SQLRally!

Some details if you are on the unawares – SQLRally is a 3-day SQL Server conference that will occur in Orlando, FL.  Unlike the PASS Summit, SQLRally will be capped to 500 people.

Submit A Session

Now’s the time to get a session in for the conference.  Whether it’s a session on BI, DBA, Developer, or Professional Development topics there’s time still to get it in

If you are unsure if you have the experience to present at a conference, think about what you deal with on a daily business.  At some time you’ve had to fixed, build, or research something that you didn’t know how to handle before it happened. 

With a presentation you are sharing what you know and heading off someone from having to go through what you already did.  We all know something that will fill a room of other SQL Server professionals interested in what we’ve already done.

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