Digineer Is Hiring


If you are in Minnesota and are looking for a new job, Digineer is hiring.  Heck you can even be one of those that has been thinking – “I would love to move to Minnesota because I love the thought of their frigid winters” – and need that job to get that move started, Digineer might be just the catalyst you need.

I thought I would reach out on my blog during the week of resolutions and goal setting to see if anyone that reads this might have a new career in their agenda.  Right now I know Digineer is looking for a couple Enterprise Consultants (this is what I do for SQL Server) for the SharePoint and Application Development spaces.  There is also an opening for a Pursuit Leader for SQL Server.

Contact me if you’d like to hear about Digineer or would like to be connected to a one of our recruiters.