Time To Get Your #SQLRally Vote On!

SQLRally Winner[11]It’s week two of voting for the upcoming SQLRally.  This week, we are voting for the Database & Application Development sessions for the conference.  You might think… “hey, should I even vote?  I’m not sure I can attend.”  I say, YES!  The SQLRally is a community event where the community is choosing which sessions will be presented.  Take the time and vote to help your peers know what you think should be available at this event.

Now, I’ll be honest… I have a session listed in this track that I’d like you to vote for.  That session is XQuery Basics for the DBA and can be found with the T-SQL Fundamentals sessions.  I’ll skip going over the abstract and talk about why I think you should vote for this session.

We are going to stick with one reason for this sessions.  If you are a DBA and expect to use any of the features listed below you have know how to use XQuery.

  • Deadlock Graph
  • Showplan (query plan)
  • Extended events
  • Service broker
  • Blocked Process Report
  • DDL Triggers
  • Event notifications
  • Ring buffer
  • SSIS Packages
  • Sparse Columns

That’s it.  A whole bunch of core functionality of SQL Server is all XML based.  Now granted, you could just read my blog posts and learn all about XQuery.  But wouldn’t it be better to have me down at SQLRally going over this first hand.