31 Days of SSIS Conclusion

31 FingersLast month, I published the 31 Days of SSIS blog series.  As a conclusion to that series, I wanted to post a wrap-up post, but quite honestly I was a little out of steam on February 1.

I wanted to thank those that have read or will read the posts in this series.  It was fun to write and a good exercise in putting do a lot of the things that I think about when writing SSIS packages and architecting solutions.

I managed to end the month with about as many SSIS post ideas that I had when I started the series, so there will be some follow-ups.  In fact, two readers have asked for solutions to specific issues that I am hoping to post by next week.

Questions and Comments

As I mentioned, some readers have made requests for assistance.  Feel free to throw your own questions into the comments, I’d be interested in seeing the issues and helping you find answers to them.  And any general comments are always welcomed.

As a last item, here is the full download of all of the SSIS packages from this series…


7 thoughts on “31 Days of SSIS Conclusion

  1. Thank you very much for your great work .
    Really its great help to our SSIS developers.
    Oo my god such a dedication and dead line to finish blog posts. Hats off to you my hero.
    Be God With you.
    Once again tons of thanks to you sir.
    with regards


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