There's A New North Central Regional Mentor

62734_10150286501560161_790425160_14812006_5447306_nWhat has two thumbs and just signed on to be a PASS Regional Mentor?  This guy!

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been going back and forth with some e-mails  with PASS.  The result of which places me in the open Regional Mentor position for the North Central region.

For a little history, this process started back at the MVP Summit.  While there, Ted Krueger (Blog | @Onpnt) mentioned that he was my PASS chapter’s Regional Mentor.  He was trying to get things organized and had been wondering out loud about who would be the other mentor for this region.  I’ve known Ted a while now and joked that I should do it.  After talking to a number of people, I shot an e-mail off to PASS about volunteering for the position.

PASS Regional Mentor

If you aren’t aware, PASS has a network of mentors that each of the PASS Chapters can turn to.  These mentors are there to help and assist chapter with resources and communications with PASS.  If there are problems or issues, we sit as the first line to get chapters what is required for them to be successful.  Karla Landrum (blog | @KarlaKay22) talks a lot about the Regional Mentor program in this blog post.

A few of the goals that I have with this to start:

  1. Meet and get to know all of the chapter leaders / boards in the North Central Region.
  2. Visit all of the chapters at least once a year for a user group meeting.
  3. Make sure that chapters know the resources available from PASS
  4. Find out the biggest pains for PASS chapters
  5. Seek out groups in the region that are not a part of PASS and let them know the benefits of becoming a PASS chapter.


You may have read Karla’s post and recognized that all of these goals match what the Regional Mentor program is all about.  I’m committing myself to these goals and hope that over the next few months the chapters in the North Central region see benefits from having Ted and I around.  He and I have talked and have high hopes for what we can do as Regional Mentors.

4 thoughts on “There's A New North Central Regional Mentor

  1. I interviewed Jason for the Regional Mentor position. While I knew a fair amount about what Jason has been doing for PASS and the SQL Server Community, I learned much more in our conversation. Jason has been making tremendous contributions, and I am excited that he will be joining us as a Regional Mentor.

    Mark Ginnebaugh
    Director, Global Chapters, PASS


  2. Great post and thrilled to have you onboard with the PASS RM program. I look forward to seeing what you and Ted can do for your chapters in North Central. I know they welcome your involvement!


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