SQL Saturday in Kalamazoo This Weekend

If you are going to be in Kalamazoo this weekend and don’t have anything planned.  Because, yeah, that happens.  Or if you are going the the SQL Saturday this weekend in Kalamazoo, much more likely.  Well… don’t get to next Monday morning and realize that you forgot about it.

If you will happen to be there, stop by one of my two sessions to say, “hi, friend.”  Then if one of the sessions below sounds interesting hang out for a bit.

Extended Events, Work Smarter Not Harder

There are many ways to performance monitor your SQL Server environment. In this session we’ll review Extended Events, which is one of the newer SQL Server monitoring platforms. Learn the ins and outs of how to get detailed information on the errors and events that occur within SQL Server and how to dig into the information. With a few T-SQL statements, issues that could take weeks to research can be investigated in minutes.

The Creepy DBA, How to Stalk Your Users

Do you know when your users are using the production login accounts from their workstations? Are you aware of changes being made to the development servers that may impact future deployments? Has the new Junior DBA start giving out access like candy? As DBAs, we are responsible for knowing and acting on all of this and much more. Fortunately, SQL Server provides a number of features that you can use to monitor and track user activity. In this session, we’ll look at these features and demonstrate how you can use them to the extent that your users find you creepy!