Webcast “Performance Impacts of User Defined Functions” This Week with Pragmatic Works

WebcamFunctions might seem to be the answer to all of your desires to consolidate code, and at times they could be.  But if you don’t know enough about them, they may turn out to be the source of all of your problems and opening the door to architecture choke full of disaster.

This week, I’ll be presenting my session “A Functions Is A Function – Comparison of the Performance Impacts of User Defined Functions” for the Pragmatic WorksTraining on the Ts” webcast series.  The session is this Thursday (Feb 28) at 11 AM EST.

The session details are as follows:

User defined functions provide a means to encapsulate business logic in the database tier. Often the purpose of the encapsulation is to provide standard method access segments of data within the database. Unfortunately, not all methods of creating user defined functions are equal. In this session we’ll review the types of user defined functions and investigate the performance impact in selecting the different types.

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