Webcast Presentation Materials: 5 Ways to Improve Performance through Indexing

WebcamThis past Tuesday, I delivered a presentation for Pragmatic Works Training on the T’s. The session I delivered was 5 Ways to Improve Performance through Indexing.

The abstract for the sessions is:

Sometimes the hardest performance issues in your environment have simple solutions. One of these simple solutions is through properly indexing the database. In this session, we’ll look at five ways that performance of a database can be improved through indexing. When we finish, you’ll be armed with scripts and methodologies that you can put into place today to improve database performance.

Session Materials

The presentation materials, including the slide deck and the code can be downloaded from this link:

  • [download id=”75″]

For just the slide deck, you can flip through the slides below.

Thanks to everyone that attended.  I have all of the questions from the queue that were asked and am working on getting those posted as well.  If you have questions on this session, please leave a comment below.

7 thoughts on “Webcast Presentation Materials: 5 Ways to Improve Performance through Indexing

  1. Hi Jason, Can you please share the sql that was used to pull the data for the case study table?


  2. Hi Jason, You had mentioned Tuesday that the scripts would be posted. I do not see those in the slideshow. Is that one of the sections you are working on ? Thanks! Karma


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