Download Analytic Platform System Tools and Books Online

Photo Credit – Mario Klingemann

Microsoft’s Analytic Platform System (APS) has been a favorite platform of mine over the last few years.  It provides a solution to many of the scale and performance concerns that exist with right-sizing a data warehouse for today and tomorrow.  One of the interesting nuances of the platform is the lack of documentation and client tools for the platform.

With the acceleration of releases to APS, Microsoft has shifted their philosophy on providing these publicly.  Previously, the tools and documentation were only available on the appliance itself.  Which made sense with a slow rate of change.  Now that functionality is being added to the client tools and documentation between releases, it makes more sense to make these tools easier through Microsoft downloads.

The latest set of APS tools and documentation are:

Are you currently working with APS?  Looking to try that or Azure SQL Data Warehouse?  If you have questions on these platforms, leave them in the comments below, and I’ll help you understand how the platforms work and where they fit best.

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