Blogger Disclosure

Blogger Disclosure Information

The US Federal Trade Commission requires that bloggers disclose their relationships in public.  This is the disclosure for Jason S. Strate.

Where Do I Work?

I’m an Database Architect with Pragmatic Works.  They pay me to do fun things like architect data platforms for clients and performance health checks.  I am not paid to blog and do this primarily as a hobby – my life is that exciting.  All blog posts here are written to promote myself, my causes, and assist me in finalizing my thoughts on technology.


My blog posts are published to a few locations:

  • and – Everything on these sites is the culmination of my experiences with SQL Server and my career in technology.  Maybe not a real culmination, but a final resting place for things I figure out and discover and would like to share.  Nobody pays me blog, this is mainly because I want to retain ownership over my content and be the final editor, except when the wife tells me to rewrite stuff.  There are ads on some old posts; these are content driven and were not considered when the article was written.
  • (syndicated from – This is basically the same content from  As such, no one has paid for it and it’s just a way to get my words in front of more eyes.
  • (syndicated from – Same deal as above, more words in front of more eyes.  And again, I’m not compensated.
  • Twitter  – all content reflects my own opinion.

I also use,,, and others to promote myself and my presentations.  On those sites, I maintain the same editorial policy that I use here on  If my content appears anywhere else on the web, feel free to contact me about that content.

This blogger disclosure form was inspired by Brent Ozar’s disclosure page; which was in turn inspired by Rick Vanover’s disclosure page.

2 thoughts on “Blogger Disclosure

  1. 2 years later I find this site and it becomes my hobby to read it!! im fully committed to this blog. Thanks a lot for writing this. Cheers!!


  2. Your twitter link in the publications list above refers to @BrentO’s account as opposed to yours. You definately were inspired by Brent’s disclosure page 😉


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