Technical Reads

A couple years back, I started keeping track of the reading I’d been doing for enjoyment.  And now I’ve realized that, outside of blogs, I haven’t been reading too much technical or professional development content.  So to make up for that, I’m going to start a list of the technical and professional development books that I read (or listen to).  Hopefully, that will get me to get through a few new titles this year.


  1. Securing SQL Server –


  1. How to Deliver a TED Talk – (audio book)  This book is excellent.  It has a lot of the same advice that I’ve been reading in The Exceptional Presenter, but it focuses on research that the author did on TED Talk presentations.  The main items I got from this book were the discussions on connecting with the audience and transitioning between sections.  I’ll be taking a lot of this to heart and hopefully people will start to find my presentations even more engaging.

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