Getting Rid of a Certificate

A couple days ago I was playing around with some Event Notifications and the Certificate that I’d created for them on my development machine.  Low and behold I’d made a classic mistake and forgotten to write down the password for the certificate.  Thus I was left without a critical component necessary for signing my procedures.  … Continue reading Getting Rid of a Certificate

Does Your Stored Procedure Grant Itself Permissions?

It’s a very good question. One that might not seem to insidious. Nothing that should be able to bring down the system and cause failures. Or will it? I’ve been to a number of clients and done it myself before where I start to check out a stored procedure with some performance issues and sitting … Continue reading Does Your Stored Procedure Grant Itself Permissions?

Troubleshooting Permission Issues with CREDENITIALS

I keep hearing this story and similar variations… ”On a dark and stormy night, I developed a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package.  It worked wonderfully on my desktop development environment.  All the files were properly accessed and the data was processed in a magnificent matter.” ”But suddenly I deployed the SSIS package to production … Continue reading Troubleshooting Permission Issues with CREDENITIALS

Transfer Logins Between SQL Server 2005 Instances

I've never been a fan of the SQL Server 2005 Integration Services task for transferring logins between servers.  It seems that I always misconfigure it or something gets missed.  And when I just want to move a single login its more effort to setup the task than it is worth.  What I'm really saying here … Continue reading Transfer Logins Between SQL Server 2005 Instances

Upgrade Issues When ‘sa’ Renamed

I've not done recommended changing the sa account name at a client for quite a while.  Since the account can be disabled there isn't any good reason to rename it that I've been able to come up with. But if you do and plan to upgrade to SQL Server 2008, beware of the following...