Index Those Foreign Keys

Today started with some quality time getting to know a deadlock that had occurred. While working through the deadlock, I noticed that there were a number of foreign key relationships that weren't indexed on the parent side of the relationship. I am going to skip over the why to index foreign keys and save that … Continue reading Index Those Foreign Keys

Does Your Stored Procedure Grant Itself Permissions?

It’s a very good question. One that might not seem to insidious. Nothing that should be able to bring down the system and cause failures. Or will it? I’ve been to a number of clients and done it myself before where I start to check out a stored procedure with some performance issues and sitting … Continue reading Does Your Stored Procedure Grant Itself Permissions?

Deadlocks on exchangeEvent and threadpool

I got to work with deadlocks quite a bit recently.  There were quite a few interesting ones that came up that I had the chance to research.  Since I like easy, I’ll start with the one that I forgot to grab the deadlock details for. Well, maybe not all of the details… in this case … Continue reading Deadlocks on exchangeEvent and threadpool

Deadlock Resources

Deadlocks are a not so wonderful unnaturally occurring event that all DBAs will eventually have the pleasure to take a look at.  Since deadlocks are time senisitive it is important that at the time of the deadlock the correct mechanisms are in place to capture the detail of the deadlock in the SQL Server error … Continue reading Deadlock Resources