Deadlocks on exchangeEvent and threadpool

I got to work with deadlocks quite a bit recently.  There were quite a few interesting ones that came up that I had the chance to research.  Since I like easy, I’ll start with the one that I forgot to grab the deadlock details for. Well, maybe not all of the details… in this case … Continue reading Deadlocks on exchangeEvent and threadpool

Learning More About Parallelism

It’s quite often at clients that I spend time working on issues revolving around parallelism.  In fact, just this week it’s been the single most irritating performance problem that I've had to deal with. If you aren’t up to snuff on parallelism there are a couple places I would start with getting up to speed: … Continue reading Learning More About Parallelism

Querying for Parallelism

While working on some parallelism issues today I started using the query that detects whether there are queries currently running utilizing parallelism.  It’s the same query that can be found in the white paper Troubleshooting Performance Problems in SQL Server 2005. Which I’ve included below: The information that I like to have on hand is … Continue reading Querying for Parallelism