Parameter Feature… Not A Bug

Often times I’ve placed default values into my reports when designing them to aid in developing the report without having to constantly fill out the parameters while testing them. To my chagrin I’ve run into a number of problems when I update deploy these reports to the reporting services server. And it seems that when the default value is set, it can’t be undone by redeploying the report.

No matter how many dozens of times the report is re-deploy it still just doesn’t fix those dang defaults. Kind of like the endings of movies, they just stay the same.

Is this a bug in how Reporting Services works?  Alas no, it is not. SSRS was designed to work this so that report administrators could go out and edit parameters after reports were deployed and no that they would not be changed the next time that reports were deployed. Not knowing this, though, can lead to some frustration and perceived bugs with the reports.

Shouldn’t this “feature” include an override option so that this wouldn’t act like a bug?