Volunteering and Resume Building

I really like a great idea.  They have this way of going from a great idea to success.  When you hear a great idea it is always a good idea to share the idea – and let it spread like a virus.

Today, while I was going through and reading posts from Microsoft’s SQL Server bloggers, I found one of these great ideas.  Buck Woody talked about  combining a little volunteerism with resume building.

In a tight economy non-profits have to make tough decisions between their staffing and infrastructure versus the services that are provided.  By volunteering, we can help with those decisions by filling the void of one where the donations are no longer coming in.  And as is mentioned in Buck’s post, at the same time was can work on building our own resume.  I hope I don’t have to explain the benefit of a good resume.

To help inspire others to volunteer and build their resume, I found a few places in Minnesota where people can do some technical volunteering.

I found a few database related opportunities when I looked through these sites.  And encourage anyone looking to build their resume and do some volunteering to check them out.

If anyone knows any other resources or has a story to share along this topic, feel free to comment or e-mail me about it at jasonstrate@gmail.com.

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