Analyzing Your Indexes with a Custom Report

A while back I put together a number of posts around an index analysis query that I had put together to assist when I go out to clients.  If you are interested, the background for the query can be found in the following posts:

The query has proven to be quite useful for me… one problem with the query, though, was that the format wasn’t the most suitable for quick glance analysis.  It gave a lot of useful information but wasn’t in a format that made it easy to digest.

To solve this I’ve put together a report that can be executed from within SQL Server Management Studio.


If you are interested in this report, there is now a CodePlex project for the query and the custom report.  And it is aptly named IndexAnalysis.

Please comment and let me know if this is useful or if there are improvements that can help to improve it’s effectiveness.

8 thoughts on “Analyzing Your Indexes with a Custom Report

  1. Jason, Excellent blog posts and script. Thank you. Do you have any suggestions on troubleshooting the report execution? On one particular database the script executes correctly, but the report doesn't return any data, no errors either. If you can offer any advice I'd appreciate it.



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