I Had a Dream, too!

Some people have dreams and they talk about them and an entire generation is changed.  Things line up and world is a lot different than the day before just because of a little dream.

I dream, too.  But my dreams aren’t so grand.  I tend to dream about SQL Server professionals coming together to network, tell jokes, listen, and learn about SQL Server and things related to working in a field full of data.

The nice thing about my dream is that I don’t have wait for the world to change.  My dream happens once a year at the PASS Community SummitYou already registered, right?  But, wouldn’t you know…like most anyone that realizes a dream I want more.  I want it all.  I want it every day.

And I can get more.  And you can get more.  How does this happen you might ask?

Go ahead an ask…

The answer is by attending the SSWUG.ORG Summer Refresher Virtual Conference.  Check out these details:

120 sessions by industry experts in Business Intelligence, SQL Server, SharePoint and .NET Development are all available. These sessions are the best of the best – and selected by the community for this conference.

We are also including live sessions presented by Chris Shaw and Stephen Wynkoop detailing top 20 scripts, performance tips, and things that people should know about SQL Server.  In addition, Q&A sessions each day will be included where you can ask questions live.

You get to watch pre-recorded sessions and participate in a live Q&A with the presenter.  No waiting for the end of the session to answer your immediate question.  Get the answers when the question arises.  And with all of the other people joining in on the chat you get a conversation between everyone that goes beyond the Q&A with the presenter.

Now here’s the rub… it starts tomorrow and goes through Friday.  Oh my!  You may be thinking… you have meetings scheduled and can’t attend all day from the remainder of the week.

That is, like so, not a problem. yeah, I brought in valley  girl speak here, I’m digging deep.  After the sessions have been broadcast you can log back in and watch them again later and catch all of the content that you missed.

So get some popcorn and get registered.  Hope to see some people in my sessions.