Check out the Ultimate Virtual Conference from SSWUG

In less than a month SSWUG will be hosting the Ultimate Virtual Conference on October 21-24.  This is an excellent opportunity to get the benefits of heading to a conference full of Rock Star speakers while be able to view the content from the comforts of home or your desk.

Reasons to Attend

Some of the details of the event are:

  • More than 75 technical sessions
  • New! Live sessions track – all live sessions, with speaker Q&A/interviews at the end of the day
  • On-Demand access to sessions for 45 days – miss a session? No problem.
  • Chat, Twitter Integration, SKYPE integration for Q&A
  • Experience-based learning – find out what you need to know from people that are using the technology every day
  • These are NOT sales presentations.
  • 6-Month SSWUG.ORG Membership (or membership extension), included!
  • ALL-ACCESS Pass: SQL Server and Business Intelligence with related SharePoint and .NET technologies – all included, one low price
  • Great vendor hall – learn about the best tools, technologies, publications and partners out there for your shop

If that doesn’t jazz you up, then maybe know that one of the best SQL Server humor threads started at the last SSWUG Virtual Conference.

StrateSQL Sessions

I’ll be presenting four sessions at the SSWUG Ultimate Virtual Conference.  My sessions will be:

Solving Business Pains with SQL Server Integration Services

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) offers a wide range of features and functionality that can be used to solve business pains within Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes. These pains can be caused by the performance of current ETL process, the maintainability of ETL processes or represent a new pain that SSIS features can resolve. This presentation will provide a demonstration of real world scenarios where features of SSIS were used to solve business pains through modification of existing SSIS packages or through the creation of new SSIS packages. The session will also discuss current best practices in SSIS package design.

Necessarily Evils, Building Optimized CRUD Procedures

Every developer loves them and a lot of DBAs hate them. But there are many and valid reasons for creating generic SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE procedures. In this session, we’ll go through designing CRUD procedures that utilize new and existing SQL features to create CRUD procedures that are optimized for performance.

Improving Daily Imports with Partitioned Tables

At some point, everyone struggles with loading data to OLTP systems. The business needs the data loaded so that users can work through the data. But the users can’t afford the downtime to get the data into the production tables. In this session we’ll review this problem and how to use partitioning to alleviate this issue.

Are You Following Your Own Best Practices?

Everyone has their own best practices that they try to follow. But often times we aren’t sure how well we are following our own or industry best practices. In this session we’ll go into monitoring and managing best practices throughout your environment. The session will look at how to create a solution using policy based management and other tools to report on your compliance to best practices.

One More Reason

For those budget conscious in the current economy, I can even offer a discount code to help nudge those that haven’t quite given in to joining the conference.  With these nine letters you can received a $10 discount off your registration… SPJSUVC09

The Final Pitch

I lied about the one more reason, I’ve got to give one more pitch.

It’s not often that conferences give us the ability to attend all of the sessions that we want when we want to.  With the stellar lineup of presenters and the deep content that is flexible to each persons schedule I highly recommend attending this conference.