Missing Blogger

I’ve been skipping on posting technical blogs for a couple months.  I’m planning to put that issue to rest with some aggressive blogging over the next couple months to make up for lost time.  After reading SQL Fool’s post on her reasons for change, I figured I’d do the same.  Not because anyone has noticed but because I want to lay out a plan that I’ll stick to.

Making Excuses

I don’t have any reasons as good as a baby in my belly for why I haven’t been blogging so much.  But I’ll share my reasons nonetheless

  1. PASSMN SQL Summit 2009: Our user group put together an all-day Friday SQL event.  It was great and a lot of fun.  We had nearly 100 people there for the entire day and from the surveys that I saw it was a wild success.  Now to see if I can inspire people for a SQL Saturday in the spring.
  2. Presenting: I’m sure others have been doing this as much as I have but I’m still fairly green at this and it takes time to put them all together.  On the up side, after this month I have one left for the entire year.
  3. The House: It’s being sold and now I have to finish all of my house projects.  Saying I am good at starting them and not finishing them is the understatement of the year.
The “Plan”

There are a number of things I plan to touch on relatively quickly.  Some of these topics are:

  • More DBA Diagnostics: Let’s be honest, database administration is always a good topic and this conversation never even hit the good stuff.  Such as backups or index and statistic maintenance.  I even have reports that go with some of this stuff.
  • My journey into MDM: I’ve talked to a number of clients in the past few months about MDM.  Amazingly, as knew as this topic seems to be, it is just new framework around an old problem.  I am hoping to cover MDM from the basics to the implementation and examples of past projects that could be considered “partial” MDM solutions.
  • Web Testing: Recently, I worked on testing a SharePoint site that was using Reporting Services in Integrated Mode.  I found out quite a bit when it came to testing SSRS reports and controlling report functionality through a web test.  I plan to share as much of that as I can.
  • Extended Events: I really love these and hope to help others love them as well.
  • Implementing Best Practices: I’ve been working with Policy Based management for a work project and plan to develop some policies to implement and monitor best practices and share those on here.
  • Presentations: I’ve delivered about a dozen different presentations over the past year.  Most of the time when I want to learn something I either find a project or a presentation that forces me to learn it.  It’s my method.  Well, I’ve got this library of useful stuff now and plan to share that here as well.

Hopefully I can get this interesting again… and very soon.