MCM Reading List – A New Years Resolution

studying & sleepingI’ve blogged about certifications a number of times in the past.  One of the certifications that I really want to obtain in the future is the Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) for SQL Server 2008.  This is a great certification that really dives in deep and requires classroom training and labs as part of the certification process.  That classroom training and the labs equates to one great thing and that is knowledge.

Since I haven’t managed to convince anyone to send me to the MCM training yet, I was pleased today to find a list of pre-reading material for the MCM program.  It’s a 4-pages of reading goodness that I encourage everyone else to read.  I really think that this is a gem of a find and with this being so close to the New Year, I think I may have found my first resolution for next year.

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