Discover SSD… or PASSMN April Meeting (4/20/10)

ioDrive_34_500.copy1 Yesterday I mentioned the upcoming SQL Server 2008 R2 launch event, and today I’m going to bring up this months Minnesota SQL Server User Group (twitter) meeting.  This month’s meeting will be sponsored by Fusion-IO.  Besides the pizza and drinks, they’ll be discussing SSD and some of their products.  If you want to get an idea what could be seen at this meeting, check out some reviews at by Brent Ozar (blog | twitter) and Paul Randal (blog |twitter).

If you can make it to the event, please register here.  This way we can get a good count on the number of people for pizza.  The meeting will be at our regular location at 8300 Norman Center Drive, 9th Floor, Bloomington, MN  55437 on the 9th floor.

Do you have the time but can’t make the drive?  Join us via Live Meeting and get in on all of the information:

More meeting details…


2:30 –3:00 : Networking
3:00 –3:15 : Announcements
3:15 –3:25 : Sponsor
3:25 –4:25 : Visual Studios (Mike)
4:25 –4:30 : Break
4:30 –5:30 : SQL at the Speed of Light (Fusion-IO)


What’s new for the SQL Developer in Visual Studio 2010

Mike Benkovich, Microsoft

In this session we take a look at the latest advances in Visual Studio for the database developer, including the new Data Tier Applications (DAC) that leverage a new type of deployment packaging to simplify and streamline the process. We will show new refactoring capabilities in addition to the schema and data comparison tools as well as the data generation features that can be used to simulate test scenarios. Verify that standard and best practices are being followed with static code analysis tools. Walk away from this session with a better idea of what’s possible for the database developer with the latest tools from Microsoft.

SQL at the Speed of Light

Fred Vasofsky and Christian Schrauder, Fusion-IO

Solid-state technologies are changing the way that MS SQL users run their databases. DBA’s are achieving significant TCO savings through performance enhancements, reliability improvements, and reduced energy and real estate costs using solid-state technologies.  Solid state is changing the way datacenters look and how MS SQL Servers perform.

This session will address:

  1. On overview of solid state technology options for SQL Server
  2. Why solid state makes a difference?
  3. An comparison of the different types of NAND Flash-based products and the advantages and disadvantages of each:
    1. Disk-based SSDs
    2. Onboard/Embedded PCI Express devices
    3. Host-based PCI Express devices
  4. Customer proof: case study

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