Presentations Materials From Last Week

Last week I spoke at the PASSMN meeting here in Minnesota and then via a webcast to the Edmonton PASS chapter.  For both nights the presentations seemed to go fairly well – especially given the e-mail requests for the presentation materials after the events.

PASSMN Meeting

Session: Error Logs and Deadlocks, Oh My

Tired of turning to the SQL Server error log to find out what’s happened?  Would you rather just know about a deadlock when it’s occurred rather than later in the day when the manager as you why HRs bonus distribution application failed?  Find out how to get this information and more delivered to your inbox so that you can head off issues instead of drowning in them.  In this session we’ll look at Event Notifications and find out how to stop having to monitor SQL Server error logs today.

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Session: Solving Business Pains with SSIS

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) offers a wide range of features and functionality that can be used to solve business pains within Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes.  These pains can be caused by the performance of current ETL process, the maintainability of ETL processes or represent a new pain that SSIS features can resolve.  This presentation will provide a demonstration of real world scenarios where features of SSIS were used to solve business pains through modification of existing SSIS packages or through the creation of new SSIS packages.  The session will also discuss current best practices in SSIS package design.

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Presentation Follow-up

If you, your organization, or user group is interested in seeing these or other presentations that I have given before, feel free to reach out.  I enjoy sharing with groups what I know and will often run out to the group if the distance and timing permits.

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