Webcast Next Week – Using XML to Query Execution Plans

I’ll be speaking for the SQL PASS Database Administration Virtual Chapter next week.  It’ll be on July 28 at 12 PM Eastern time.  The topic will be Using XML to Query Execution Plans.  The abstract for the event is the following:

SQL Server stores its execution plans as XML in dynamic management views. The execution plans are a gold mine of information. From the whether or not the execution plan will rely on parallelism to what columns are requiring a key lookup after a non-clustered index seek. Through a the use of XML this information can be available at your fingertips to help determine the value and impact of an index and guide you in improving the performance of your SQL Server databases. In this session we’ll look at how you can begin to understand and query the structure of the execution plans in the procedure cache. Also, we’ll review how to uncover some potential performance issues that may be lurking in your SQL Server.

If you register for the event ahead of time you will be entered into a drawing brought to us from CA, our event sponsor.  You can get to the event here.

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