MSDN Ultimate Subscription Winner

It’s been a busy week and I haven’t been able to put the time in to picking the winner for the MSDN Ultimate Subscription contest I was running through July 31st.  I know I suck.

Tonight during a client’s SQL Server 2008 migration I took a couple minutes to write down the names of each of the people that commented on the contest post.  There were only three names, so that made this an easy task.

After that, I folded up each of the names and put them in my pocket.  Later I threw them on my desk.  Then back in the pocket.  Then on to my desk when I got home.  After the kid’s were down and out, I am came down and saw that one of the scraps of paper was in view.  That seemed to make it random enough for my tastes and that’s the winner.

And the Winner is…



Wow!  That might be the only time I’ll find a use for Comic Sans on this blog.  Congratulations.  I’ve sent him an e-mail for his address and hopefully he’ll get it early next week.

The Other MSDN Subscriptions

As I mentioned, I have two others… or rather had two others.  One was sent over to Arnie Rowland (blog |twitter).  He’s running a program to help unemployed and under-employed developers get a leg up.  Great stuff that I highly encourage checking out.  If you or someone you know qualify for this, I wish you luck in this endeavor.

The last I’ve decided will go to a person attending one of the upcoming PASSMN meetings.  You’ll have to attend to find out which meeting or event. 

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